Pink Flamingos and Too Many Gnomes

Mistake: Don’t make the mistake of putting too many decorative items in your front yard. This can be a distraction from the natural beauty of your landscape. Instead of cute and whimsical, it can easily end up looking cluttered and tacky.
Solution: Ask yourself if that lawn ornament really fits in with the overall scheme of your design and plant life. It’s better to stick with one good piece than 20 mismatched ones.

Planting in the Wrong Place

Mistake: Placing plants improperly is a common mistake. You have to consider what the plant needs in terms of proper sunlight and exposure.
Solution: When picking plants in a garden center, impulse buys can mean certain death to many undeserving plants. So pay attention to the little tag and use websites such as Plant Finder to determine proper plant requirements. Does it need full sun or mostly shade? Consider drainage and watering needs as well.

Planting Too Deeply

Mistake: When planting a tree, some people assume the more soil they can put around it, the better. What actually happens underneath is the tree is essentially choking to death from lack of oxygen to the root system. Often this causes root rot as well.
Solution: A rule of thumb when planting trees and other plants is to dig to the actual height of the container in which it came.

Being Shortsighted

Mistake: Overlooking the eventual growth of a plant, how they spread, how they reproduce and what type of maintenance they require is a recipe for disaster.
Solution: Check Plant Finder to see how quickly and large plants will grow.

Improper Pruning

Mistake: Pruning will do more harm than good if it is done improperly.
Solution: Learn how. Come talk to one of our experienced landscapers or ask us for a free estimate if you’d rather leave it in the hands of professionals. Pruning is vital to the health of your plants and trees and also makes your home safer from dead limbs and fallen branches.

Overlooking Exterior Lighting

Mistake: One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning their landscape is only considering how your lawn looks during the day.
Solution: Add exterior lighting to really make your garden pop. This adds more than curb appeal, exterior lights deter criminals and make your property safer. It doesn’t have to be expensive or entail a lot of effort. Contact one of our experienced landscapers to discuss your options.

Overlooking Maintenance

Mistake: Not considering the maintenance required for a newly installed landscape.
Solution: Part of planning a garden is also planning the time to maintain it. Create a maintenance schedule and stick to it, or let us develop a plan and take care of it for you. Either way, garden beds need to be weeded at least once or twice a month, minimum. So don’t waste money on a landscape that you don’t have time to tend to. If you want the look without the hassle, we’ll make sure we design a landscape that includes the budget necessary to keep it looking great.

Ignoring the Seasons

Mistake: Not planning a garden for year-round color or interest.
Solution: When picking plants from a nursery, there are a few things to consider. In addition to how they grow, how big and where they should be placed, you also need to consider when they bloom. If you only buy what is blooming in the spring, your garden will be a little sparse come fall. Select plants that bloom in the winter as well as the spring to keep your garden looking lively year-round.

Neglecting Curb Appeal

Mistake: Putting all your time, energy and resources into a backyard oasis, while neglecting your front yard is a mistake a lot of homeowners make. First impressions are everything, especially if you’re trying to sell your house.
Solution: K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, silly! Three simple things will make all the difference. 1. Paint your door a contrasting color than what is at the base of your home, 2. keep the grass trim and green and 3. Add some colorful plants. Try a few well-placed containers and flower pots, maybe even a garden gnome…

Tell us your biggest landscaping mistakes!

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