Pruning is crucial to the health and beauty of your trees and shrubs, while improper pruning can be a death sentence. Most of the time it’s better to not even try than to prune incorrectly.

Pruning can:

  • Help to restrict the size of a tree or shrub. Appropriate maintenance can help keep a dwarf tree or shrub to a manageable size.
  • Add to the eye-pleasing qualities of the plant.
  • Stop the spread of plant disease and damage. Pruning can actually be an effective way to combat disease by improving air flow.
  • Cause older plants to grow more.
  • Promote an increase in flowering and fruit bearing.

Knowing all the benefits of giving your favorite flora a trim may have sent you on a search for your pruning shears; however, it’s not quite that simple. There are certain times that are healthier to trim certain plants.
If there are visibly damaged or dead parts, those can be removed when you notice them with the exception of a larger job like a limb. Unless the limb poses a threat to your home or is a safety concern, it is best to leave that job until the plant is fully dormant in the winter. Any pruning that takes place in the fall runs the risk of doing more harm than good as the places that are damaged from pruning are very slow to heal.

For flowering shrubs, (except hydrangeas),
there is a simple gardener’s rule to remember:

  • If the plant flowers before May it can be pruned as soon as it has completed blooming; for those that blossom after May, wait until they are dormant to give them a trim.

Ornamental conifers and evergreen trees are best pruned in spring or very late winter. So, if you’d like to do some shaping, this would be the time.
Pruning is a gardener’s best friend when it comes to maintaining healthy plant life, not to mention hearty blooms and higher fruit yields. If you have never done any pruning to your trees or shrubs you may be cheating yourself out of witnessing their full beauty and potential.
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