The benefit to being in an area that experiences all seasons is the ability to enjoy various species of flora that are well suited to the varying temperatures throughout the year. These cool-season annuals are at their best when the temperature in their climate does not exceed 80F. If you get them in the ground now you’ll be able to enjoy early spring flowers and color while most other flowers are just beginning to grow. There are many species of cool season flora to choose from, which makes it almost certain you will find one to suit your needs.


spring flowers
The primrose originates from China and Europe and grows strongly in zones 5-9. With clusters of lightly colored flowers, the primrose is a great way to add some early season color to your gardens. To guarantee success, it is best to fertilize these plants regularly and ensure that they have nutrient rich soil.



spring flowers



Petunia’s offer colorful blooms that have colorings ranging from light pastels and whites, to deep purples and bright pinks. They bloom in spring through fall when properly cared for, and offer many varieties that are suitable for various applications from ground covers, to borders, even planters. Regular watering combined with the removal of dead or dying flowers will promote health and flowering among your petunia plants.




spring flowersDianthus is a family of flowers, which includes: Pinks, Sweet Williams, and Carnations, just to name a few. These annuals can be expected to bloom in late spring and are best combined with complementary species due to their short life span. The varieties of dianthus have characteristics that range from low growing for rock gardens, to tall and beautiful for bouquets.


Easy to grow plants that thrive in the cool temperatures, bring the opportunity to breathe life back into your gardens early in the growing season. All that is required to grow spring flowers is proper placement, well-drained soil, regular watering and fertilization. If all of these line up you will have a gorgeous pop of color in your gardens to lighten up what can sometimes be a gray and rainy part of the year.


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