With all this rain lately you’re most likely finding yourself with the urge to get back outside! Maybe you’re looking to spend some quality time in the garden, but you’ve found that your lawn doesn’t have the same spark and appeal as last year? Perhaps it’s time to change things up a bit. There’s an endless potential for landscape customization, so this year why not try something new and go with a liquid lawn layout?

‘Liquid lawn’ is a term used to describe a style of landscape which involves prominent water features. These can take the form of ponds, streams, waterfalls, or even certain plants. Many people find the soft ambiance of a trickling stream or a babbling waterfall to be very relaxing. Water sources can also attract a variety of small non-invasive wildlife such as frogs, ducks, and other birds.

Water Features

Ponds are one of the most popular additions to lawns due to their potential for creative designs which are always unique to each landscape. Even homes in the city can gain a little bit of natural beauty with the help of a modest pond. If you really want to jazz up your yard, consider accentuating your pond with a small stream or waterfall. Both will provide you with that pleasant background of flowing water that really puts your mind at ease.

Regardless of whether or not you intend to include a stream or waterfall with your pond, remember that it is crucial that you ensure a constant flow of water. This is especially important if you intend to have fish in your pond, as water must remain moving to stay oxygenated. Standing water can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitos which will quickly ruin the serenity of your lush new yard. Water pumps are relatively inexpensive, so invest in a nice one to ensure your pond water stays fresh.


With a new pond comes new possibilities for plant life in your garden. There is a wide variety of different plant species which thrive in wet humid environments. Some popular water plants include floating hearts, water hyacinths, and red ludwegia, which all feature beautiful floating flowers. Other water plants such as water lettuce and azolla make great pond plants because they actively filter out impurities in the water, keeping other plants and animals healthy.



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