Why should spring gardens get all the attention? There’s more to a stunning garden than spring tulips and early arrivals. For a garden that can be enjoyed well into the autumn, consider adding some of these fall flowers to your list of favorites.
fall blooming flowers aster

Aster, Michaelmas Daisy

The Michaelmas Daisy comes in hues of pink, blue, purple and white, and boasts the delicate features that only daisies can pull off. They begin to blossom in late August and are troopers until the first frost of the year sets in. If you keep on top of deadheading and pinching, they’ll blossom into rich mounds with dozens of buds. However, if left alone, they’ll spread throughout the garden as accent flowers that complement everything.
fall blooming flower caryopteris

Blue Mist Shrub

Blue Mist Shrub is a popular “sub-shrub” that is found in many perennial gardens. These slow blossoms start opening in August. Enjoy clusters of bright pops of blue, but be forewarned—bees and butterflies can’t get enough of these shrubs, either. While the blossoms will fade with the frost, the green foliage can be enjoyed year-round.
fall blooming flowers turtlehead


Turtleheads are aptly named, and these bright fall bloomers look just like turtle heads popping up in your garden. They’re a perennial and are extremely sturdy blooms. The only environment that’s dangerous is dry heat, so those in regions like Arizona might want to think twice before including these turtles in the garden.
fall blooming flower Mum


There are all types of “mums,” so be sure a sturdy bulb designed for the autumn is planted. Some are even packaged as autumn mums, making it easy to differentiate between them. Planted alongside pumpkins, they’re as natural to the fall as changing leaves. They’ll withstand almost any fall region and are easily recognizable as a sign of the changing seasons.
fall blooming flower Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed is an underdog in many gardens and is easily dismissed because it’s so common. You’ll see it growing wild and it’s native to many areas. However, don’t overlook its beauty just because it’s common. The mauve flowers work well with nearly every other blossom, and it’ s a great filler that can stand up to dropping temperatures.
fall blooming flower sneezeweed


Sneezeweeds are small and come in a rainbow of colors that reflect the autumn. Rust-colored blossoms in orange, yellow and red can make it even in areas with poor drainage. These blossoms like to grow tall, so deadheading throughout the summer and autumn is recommended if you prefer shorter buds.
fall blooming flower sunflower

Perennial Sunflower

Finally, the perennial sunflower brings joy and a pop of color into any garden. These oversized blossoms are staples in fall bouquets and steal the show. They attract butterflies and bees, and are the focal point of gardens. Unlike other types of sunflowers, they’re made for cooler months. No matter what autumn bulb you plant, think about how the flowers will look when there are jack-o-lanterns on the porch—your garden can be the perfect segue into a favorite season.

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