Do you have a green thumb or does a needy plant not stand a chance? Maybe you just don’t have the time. Either way, have no fear! – not all plants need to be sweet-talked into buds and blooms. Here’s our top three favorites for the most indestructible, care-free, easy plants to grow in our area (zone 7).


easy plants

Meadow Clary

Salvia pratensis


Meadow Clary is an attractive herb that produces sticky spikes of deep violet. It blooms from early summer to autumn.





Why You’ll Love Them: Salvias are some of the showiest and fragrant plants. They also attract beneficial insects and butterflies!

How to Grow: They get their name from the fact that they can grow well all by themselves in meadows and fields. For some extra TLC, provide moist but well drained soil in full sun to partial shade.



easy plants


Hosta fortunei


Hostas, the ultimate shade plant! They demand little of you besides a bit of shade and will come back year after year. Hostas give a blast of bold texture as well as a variety of leaf colors, patterns and shapes.



Why You’ll Love Them: 600+ varieties. Truly carefree. They don’t require any winter protection, and once established, don’t require any watering.

How to Grow: Although they are shade loving, total darkness isn’t good either. Dappled shade is ideal especially for flowering hostas or leaves with lighter shades of green.



easy plants

Crinum Lily

Crinum fimbriatulum


Crinums laugh at drought, don’t need fertilizer, and welcome hot, humid summers with flowers that perfume the air. Growing into huge bulbs over time, they’re practically indestructible.




Why You’ll Love Them: Fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers in many colors appear in spring, summer, or fall.
How to Grow: Most prefer at least five hours of sun a day. They’re not picky about soil.



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