Roses are beautiful—we all know this. They’ve been known to symbolize romance, love, and passion. They grow in a variety of colors, from reds, pinks and purples, to lighter shades of peach and yellow. If you’re growing roses of your own, you should consider drying some petals for one of their many uses.
Red roses tend to be a mainstay of many traditional American weddings. Dried rose petals can be placed in large vases to serve as appealing centerpieces and candle holders. They are also great for the flower girl to scatter along the aisle, or for wedding guests to toss upon the happily united bride and groom. Because they are free of moisture, dried rose petals are easier to clean up, and won’t leave stains on fabrics.
Looking for something to liven up a room in your house? Mix dried rose petals with other dried flowers and scented objects such as cinnamon sticks or cedar fronds to make a lovely potpourri. Place in a decorative bowl and set in the middle of the room to bring out a soothing aroma. A drop of rose essential oil will keep the fragrance going once the potpourri’s natural scent begins to fade.
Take the relaxing properties of dried rose petals to the next level by infusing them into rose water or bath salts. Rose water can be made by simply allowing the dry petals to simmer in water for several minutes. Strain out the petals and voila, you have a refreshing batch of rose water. Combine dried rose petals with sea salt, Epsom salt, or kosher salt to use as a delightfully fragrant muscle-relaxing addition to your next bath.
Last but not least, dried rose petals can be used to craft some beautiful decorations. Use them to decorate wreaths, lampshades, picture frames, or even homemade greeting cards. If you’re into candle-making you can layer dried rose petals with wax to create gorgeous candles with unique flare. You can also create a gorgeous piece of wall art by pressing dried petals between two panes of glass and framing it.

How it’s Done

Drying rose petals is fairly easy, just follow the steps outlined below and you’ll have a stock of dried rose petals ready to be used however you like.

  1. Choose fresh roses in full bloom. Pick the flowers when they are free of raindrops, dew, or any other source of moisture.
  2. Use trimming scissors to snip petals at the base and remove them from the flower.
  3. Place loose rose petals on a microwave-safe plate.
  4. Heat the petals in a microwave oven on high for about 2-4 minutes, or until they are no longer damp to the touch.
  5. Lay out petals on a paper towel atop a flat surface, away from moisture, light, dust, and any breezes.
  6. Allow the petals to dry for about 2-5 days, checking their progress each day.
  7. Store dried rose petals in airtight containers such as jars or Tupperware.


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