Are you aiming for a themed sanctuary or an eclectic showcase? You’re bound to get some inspiration from this list of popular garden designs.




vegetable garden design

Vegetable Gardens







There are, of course, vegetable gardens, which are eminently practical. But do not underestimate the aesthetic potential of vegetable gardens. Evenly planted rows of leafy vegetables, for instance, can be very attractive. Cucumber plants can be trained up a trellis or over an arbor just as any other vine can.




Herb Garden Designs

Herb Gardens







Another garden type that can yield aesthetic as well as culinary delights is the herb garden. The spiral garden is often composed of herbs and is especially pleasing to the eye for those who enjoy geometric patterns.




Cottage Garden Designs

Cottage Gardens









Cottage gardens typically rely heavily on perennial flowers. Evocative of the traditional English countryside, cottage gardens represent the informal design style.




Formal Garden Designs

Formal Gardens






The formal landscape design style has traditionally relied heavily on shrubs tightly organized into hedges, forming geometric patterns.




Water Garden Designs

Water Gardens







Water gardens can be made up of any vessel that contains water – from a pond or half-barrel to a an old bathtub or watertight planter. Water gardens are typically made to include aquatic plants, fish and other aquatic life. They can be as simple as a couple of plants in a bowl, or large, complex ponds fitted with waterfalls, filters and many different types of plants.




Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens







Westerners have become increasingly interested in Japanese gardens. Exotic Japanese gardens rely heavily on both rocks and water, as well as wooden elements.




Rock Garden Designs

Rock Gardens









A successful rock garden mimicks an alpine mountainside, complete with rough-hewn rocks, mountain flowers and foliage, and perhaps even a waterfall. Rock gardens are perfect for sloped areas in your lawn that would be hard to mow if covered with grass.




Container Garden Designs

Container Gardens







Container gardens are perfect for beginning gardeners and for small spaces. You can grow a mix of flowers and foliage in containers. Or you can devote a container to herbs or specialty plants such as roses or orchids.




Indoor Garden Designs

Indoor Gardens





Indoor gardening brings the beauty of nature inside, all year long. Many people grow houseplants for the visual benefits, but they also act to purify the air, drawing in airborne pollutants as part of the photosynthetic process. Houseplants can significantly improve air quality, especially in newer buildings that are completely airtight.




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